Long gone are the days of simply passing electricity through a wire in a blanket. Today you can expect the warm soothing comfort that comes from a quality Biddeford Blankets product. Our heated products are more advanced than ever, and we will continue to strive to provide you with the latest innovations in technology. Biddeford Blankets products allow you to not only rest comfortably but rest assured as well.

Helmet TC16BO

Controller Features

Biddeford analog and digital controllers all possess the following features to aid in your comfort and safety.


Microprocessor Controlled Sensing Features allow Biddeford products to:

  • More accurately maintain the specific level of warmth you desire
  • Auto Shut-Off feature providing peace-of-mind to enjoy your heated product to its fullest extent as you cozily drift off to sleep, not having to worry about waking up to turn off the blanket.


Heating Wire Features

Though Biddeford still sends electricity through a single resistive conductor to provide heat, the similarity between today’s heating wire and that of old end there. Your Biddeford product utilizes modern, three part heating wire technology in the form of a Fusible Linked Dual-Wound Wire.

  • This patented wire uses a specially shaped and helically-wound Resistive Heating Conductor in order to provide more efficient heating in the space provided.
  • The Resistive Heating Conductor is then surrounded with a fusible material. Simply put, this means that this material will signal at a specific temperature.
  • A continuous Senor Wire is then wrapped around the fusible material for additional safety.

Advanced 3-Part Heating Wire

  • The Fusible Linked Dual-Wound Wire will provide heat in a short amount of time after turning power on.
  • Our technology provides even heating throughout the blanket or throw with no cold spots.
  • The Sensing Wire acts like a thermostat by sensing the change in temperature and accurately telling the controller to stop or add more heat.
  • The middle Fusible Material will react at any hotspots in the blanket that are at abnormally high temperature conditions. The Controller is designed to detect this reaction and immediately shut off power to the blanket.