Biddeford - Keeping You Warm Since 1865

Welcome to Biddeford

Keeping people warm is Biddeford’s business. Don’t just dream about a warm climate; create your very own with any Biddeford heating products. Cover up with a heated blanket or have warm pleasant dreams with Biddeford’s family of mattress pad products.

Don’t wait until bedtime to get warm and cozy. Watch a sunset or cuddle up with a good book under a Biddeford heated throw.

Biddeford products are crafted with unique fibers and special blends to produce a high quality heated blanket, mattress pad and throw.

Our Products

All Biddeford products are warranted for five years. We understand the importance of combining safety, comfort, quality, and style. Today we use those principles, along with the latest technologies to bring you products that warm your body and soul. Our products are machine washable and are available in many sizes and colors. Products can be purchased through this website or from major retailers.

Biddeford - Keeping You Warm Since 1865